Tip: What to watch out for when placing a bid

Tip: What to watch out for when placing a bid

What is very important to know is that every bid, whether verbal or written, is in principle binding. So when a prospective buyer makes an oral offer but changes his mind afterwards, you can point out to the prospective buyer that the oral offer is also a binding one.

Of course, as a real estate office, we recommend putting the offer on paper. This is the most watertight way for both seller and candidate buyer.

Although we guide our prospective buyers in their bidding, here are a few tips.

Check the amount you are going to bid;
Put a period of validity on your bid, so that you avoid that your bid would still be valid after half a year;
Are you bidding under suspensive conditions? Mention this in the bid;
Any special conditions that have been discussed with the seller, is good to mention in the bid for security.

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