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Property under the Spanish sun.

Spain is the perfect country for a sunny country residence. You're looking to invest in this type of property? Together with you, we will look for the perfect property where you or your potential tenants can enjoy the sun, sea and life.

Full support

Full support

With Immo ID Espana you're opting for a personal approach. Step by step we'll help you in your search for the perfect property. Because supporting our clients in such an important purchase is a top priority for us. After an initial interview we will start looking for the perfect property for you. With us, there is no limited selection, because we actively search for a property. So we do not only initiate in 'property selling' but also in 'property hunting'.

At Immo ID Espana you can find the following types of real estate ...

New construction developed by external parties to which we do not contribute
Existing properties sold by the current owners
Building land sold by Belgian or local owners
New construction built by local contractors on purchased building land
New construction projects fully developed by us

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